How Important Are Logos, Really?

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Without a second glance, I’m sure you know exactly what companies are being represented above. Why? Their logos are well-known and have become such a crucial part of their identity that they have completely owned the look. In some cases, brand recall is so high that simply seeing colours arranged in a certain order immediately brings a specific brand to mind. One of the first steps in achieving this level of recall is to develop a proper logo for your brand.

What Is A Logo?

In the simplest of terms, a logo is a graphical or visual representation of your brand. It encompasses your brand colours, identity, ethos and spirit. An effective logo should be able to stand on its own and connect with your audience. As you establish your brand, this logo will become your calling card – a simple way to bring your brand to the forefront of consumers’ minds. Furthermore, your logo needs to mean something – it needs to be more than just something that looks great. Logos are a significant part of your brand identity and it needs to be treated as such.

How Do Logos Contribute to Brand Identity?

A proper logo includes elements that relate to the brand which can include the brand colours, initials or symbols. There’s often a misconception that any old image can be used as a company’s logo but this is akin to choosing a random name for your company. Since the goal of your logo is to be a visual representation of your brand, the logo needs to be ingrained in the brand’s identity. In some cases the brand identity is not complete without the logo and it is this logo that provides a significant foundation for the general brand guideline. These guidelines will dictate how your company is represented by anyone with whom you do business, giving your company a consistent and professional look.

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Why Invest In A Proper Logo?

Your logo will allow your company to stand out from competitors and position you as a professional, trustworthy business that customers will want to engage with. Logos should not be created overnight with little to no thought. Much as you invest in the physical development of the company, you’ll need to invest in the representation of it. A good logo is an investment and one that is meant to represent the company for a long period. Companies that change their logos frequently run the risk of seeming indecisive. 

If you’re a small company, just starting out try to have something simple but effective made. Consider making this first logo something that you can develop in the future by making minor adjustments so there isn’t a completely new look for your loyal base to get used to. Consider Pepsi’s logo changes throughout the years – they have always maintained their core brand colours in the same order, no matter how the logo has been edited. 

It might be tempting to take the quick and easy way out when it comes to your company’s branding but when you consider that each element is an investment that will ultimately grow your business, it really puts things into perspective.

Feel free to reach out for more information on logo creation and brand identity or book a free consultation to find out how I can help you create your ideal look!

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